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Virtual Project Management

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The definition of virtual project management is "the system by which virtual teams collaborate for a finite period of time towards a specific goal."

At CRS-International we have aligned our business to work with any client no matter where you are based with the integration of cloud-based project software we are able to manage roll-outs to multiple sites across the globe, mini installations (where no site management is required) to designs and sampling of products.

The use of cloud-based project software gives you the client a real-time view of the project on your laptop or cellphone at any stage of the project, we are able to update project timelines, add photographs, update project templates, update budgets and request relevant authorisations from you the client all in one virtual office.

Benefits of using CRS-International virtual project management

  • Real Time data

  • Up to date reporting

  • Access to project information in one centralised virtual office

  • Access and management of project tasks by all project stakeholders

  • Accurate management and project status reporting

  • Real time email reporting and updates, photographic updates by task

  • Accurate real-time resource planning and scheduling

  • Project tasks, data and reporting securely shared on users roles and permissions 

  • Relevant approvals processes can be adopted if required by the client 

CRS-International's virtual project management tool will provide proactive problem-solving solutions whether it be agile or traditional project management for any construction program. We are able to manage your project by using the following real-time management techniques:

  • Project Scheduling

  • Collaborative Planning

  • Time Tracking

  • Task Management

  • Resource Management

  • Request Management

  • Change Management

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Budget Tracking

  • Expense Tracking

  • Client Customisation

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Interactive Gantt Charts and dependencies make planning and managing projects simple, relevant and real-time

Save all task related information - such as design documents, deliverables, notes, discussions, site photographs, site inspection reports, minutes of meetings and purchase orders etc. within the context of the task itself making it easily accessible in one virtual office.

To find out more on how CRS-international can assist you with your project needs please Contact Us through our contact page or send an email to

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