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Meet The Team




Brendan has been involved with project management both onsite and in senior project management roles since 1996 where he work in many different industries from mining, housing, warehousing to the last 15 years where he has spent in full turnkey project management in the retail and hospitality industry.


Brendan has managed project offices for blue chip retailers, managed millions of euros in capex budget and opened thousands of stores through out Africa, middle east and parts of Europe he recently spent the last 6 years working in the shopfitting industry understanding the intricacies of manufacturing, sales and marketing, costings and gained even greater exposure to international retailers and full turnkey builds


Claudia Civico - Ingram

Claudia understands running a business which she has done for the past 10 years where she built and managed her own design house which gained much success over the years by only word of mouth.


Claudia is no stranger to marketing herself as a brand and tailor making deals to suit the client’s budget with over 20 years sourcing experience Claudia will find the specified or an alternative product at a competitive rate not compromising on quality or time.

Claudia is aligned to various woman in business platforms which she uses to network globally to find the right solution.



Van Eeden

Francois is a specialist in interior design that has found its success in the design of retail interior developments for the last three decades. He has exercised his expertise by adding further value into the corporate, hospitality, residential and commercial markets, creating dynamic interior solutions for clients.


Francois's broad insight across these landscapes gives him a multitude of experience that allows him to cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate with other specialists. This stands him in good stead as he doesn’t function within a one-dimensional space. 

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